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The Sophea Heritage Foundation (SHF) is a non-profit making, non-governmental and non-political organization dedicated to engaging, educating and strengthening the position of marginalized rural communities and young people in Cameroon by tapping into their energy and available opportunities to stimulate and enhance sustainable socio-economic development. The organization is registered both in Cameroon and the Netherlands where it board members are found.The key focus is to adopt a comprehensive holistic approach in shaping development objectives in a manner that encompasses the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs). The organization adopts a structural action oriented approach in improving the quality of life of the underprivileged where poverty alleviation goes hand in hand with building a just and dignified society.SHF is focused on themes of participation and involvement, health promotion, hygiene and well being, Environmental protection and water conservation, entrepreneurship and community development. Our emphasis is on capacity building in partnership with the local community.The SHF was first initiated by a student activist in 1992 in Santa Mbei Bamenda Cameroon as a community-based Youths’ Advocacy Group advocating for social justice and equality, human rights, women advancement and protection of the child and the environment.In October 2000, the advocacy group was transformed into a community-based development organization called the Sophea Heritage Foundation, named after the mother of the founder as an honour to this woman Sophena Anwei whose role in helping young people achieve their dreams has been significant. The SHF has its cooperating Board members in the Netherlands and works in cooperation with other organizations having similar views in ensuring a dignified human existence.

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